Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SO behind!! But TechnoGran would have made me finish anyway, so here I am. #cpd23

My last CPD23 post was back in November, and I am now some-large-number-of weeks behind the program (which actually finished in December!). This has been due to a combination of personal disasters which I don't really want to go into here, but which sadly include the death of my amazing Techno Gran not so long ago. 

My Gran was somewhat inspirational in many ways to many people, and even briefly touched the blogosphere and Twitterverse with her ipad adventures last year. Resulting in a surprising amount of tweeting and commenting and even a few requests from librarians and lecturers about the place asking if they could use her as an example when talking to students about technology. She kindly agreed that all of them could, but probably would have secretly considered their students to all be a little out of touch. 

Encouraged by yet another comment received on my Gran's ipad post about a week ago (this one from a LIS Masters student) I've started to think about blogging again and when I came back to the blog I also rediscovered CPD23

What would my Gran have said about it all? 

Probably something like:

"CPD23? What's that then? Free training? Thats great. Well, you've started so you ought to finish, don't you think? Now let me see if I can thrash you at this game of Simpsons chess - isn't Marge's hair funny!".

So, I don't have much choice in the matter really. Best get back to it. 


Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Whittaker Library said...

How nice to think that TechnoGran was so influential! Clearly a remarkable character.

Katharine said...

Thank you for your kind comment. She was indeed remarkable :-)