Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thing 14 - Zotero / Mendeley / citeulike #cpd23

Card Catalog
I tend to use Endnote Web for what little amount of reference management I do for my own purposes (usually related to writing journal articles, also used it for my Chartership portfolio and a few other things) and I only use it because it happens to be the system used by the university I work at. When we had RefWorks I used that. Before I knew about such software I used a set of index cards (though not as attractive as the ones pictured here courtesy of Reeding Lessons). To be honest I found the cards easier in many ways - and only really shifted to using the software in an attempt to get familiar with it in order to be in a position to help students. But this is no longer part of my role, I can now happily refer the reference management questions (no pun intended).
I'm so behind in 23 things now that I think I will skip looking at the free online options  - I know its a bit of a cop out, but given that I already have a system I use, it's not part of my job to know this stuff any more anyway, and I am seriously behind in the program, I think my time will be better spent moving on to Thing 15 - which I think is more relevant to me.

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