Monday, October 17, 2011

Thing 13 - Google docs, wikis and dropbox #CPD23

Google Docs
I've used Google docs for ages on and off, but only for personal stuff, like sharing Christmas wish lists with my Mum and sorting out house finances with my partner. It's handy and would be handy for work if other people were using it, but I'm not entirely sure how I feel about using personal accounts for work, and I am not a fan of having to sign up for multiple accounts with one service either. Given that Warwick Uni gives staff access to Sharepoint (which I admit I have not yet used) I think (assuming it does actually give the required functionality) I would be more comfortable using that, and also more likely to find colleagues who would it.

I'm quite comfortable with wikis. I think my first wiki editing was done on the Library Routes wiki back in 2009. Since then I've also edited UK Library Blogs and set up a wiki for the CILIP West Mids committee in an attempt to aid hand overs and succession planning for committee roles. The CILIPWM one is in it's infancy and only a couple of us are adding content - but it was raised at a recent committee meeting and I think it might get better used in future.

I've never used it, and though it does sound useful for some I don't think I have much need for it. And I don't want to sign up for another account I probably wont look at after CPD23 finishes. 

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