Monday, September 5, 2011

Thing 10 - Graduate traineeships, Masters degrees, Chartership, Accreditation #cpd23

I did write a post for the Library Routes project back in 2009 which tells the whole story of how I got to be in my current job (which really started with a complete accident), so I'm not going to give all the details again here. This is a chronological outline of my key qualifications, I'm probably not a typical case - I have only done 1 of the 4 things in this Thing:

What strikes me when I look at this list, and when I consider that my next qualification is probably going to be PRINCE2, is that the library specific stuff is really fairly minimal, and really my qualifications are general and transferable. Other training I have completed, even since starting to work in libraries, is also very transferable, covering topics from customer service issues to presentation skills and event organisation. - I'm not a specialist - I do question whether I am a "librarian" in the true sense, at all.

My current job certainly has less emphasis on core library skills and more emphasis on managing a team and running and developing a service. When I look at my skill set I do sometimes wonder where I will go next and whether I will stay in libraries - but what I do know is that in terms of finding genuine interest, having fun and meeting inspiring colleagues, libraries have so far been much much more than I could have asked for. So I think this post has made me wonder:
  • How much do specific qualifications matter once you have a foot in the door?
  • Is experience more valuable in these times when there are so many graduates?

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