Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thing 7 - National/Regional Groups #cpd23

I have been a member for probably about 6 years. I have been an active member of CILIP since I decided to Charter. After Chartership I joined the branch committee (CILIP West Midlands) and following brief periods as Web Editor and Marketing Officer I am now in my second year as Newsletter Editor

Why do I do it?
So why on earth, when I PAY to be a member of this organisation, would I give up some of my free time to WORK for them, for FREE???

2 big reasons:
Fun: I like events, I like finding out what's going in my profession, and what's going on close to home is of particular interest, I like meeting like minded people, I like meetings that take place in pubs and on occasion involve really good food.
Experience: I learn a lot of stuff about CILIP, about what's going on in the region and about working with people from other sectors. I learn a lot of stuff about editing, dealing with printers, making contacts, distribution, costs, running events, working with committees, and on occasion, last minute contingency planning. No 2 ways about it, it's going to look good on my CV, and it also gives me something to be genuinely proud of which is outside of my day to day job.

As a result of CPD23 I am now looking to broaden my horizons and have requested a log in for:

Library Society of the World:
They are not to be taken too seriously, but if you don't like any of the group or branch options offered by your national of local professional body, they have the answer on their FAQ page:
Are there divisions, committees, or round tables within the LSW I can join?
Not yet, but you’re free to create whatever divisions, committees, bureaus, offices, cabals, discussion groups, round tables, knightly orders, or other factions you wish. Awesome! Perhaps a Knightly order would be fun?!

On a more sensible note - if you are in the UK and interested in getting more involved in CILIP the branches and groups are always on the look out for people who want to be active and make a contribution. So check out your local branch or a group that takes your interest. And yes - we do have meetings in pubs from time to time :)

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