Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thing 6 - Online networks #cpd23

I'm on a few of these - and I use them in different ways for different purposes. I think I'm getting it kind of right, but again, this idea of personal branding kicks in and Thing 3 rears it's ugly head all over again. However, ignoring all that side of things I am quite happy with my use of online networks - this post seems a bit like a checklist. . .but here we go:

Linked In:
Yes I'm on there. Yes it's quite nice to occasionally look other library people up out of interest. Yes it feels a bit like an office.

No, I haven't joined any groups (I don't think), no, I don't use it to communicate with people much, and no, it has not led to any offers of dream jobs - or in fact to offers of any jobs - and having said those things, I'm now starting to wonder what the value of it really is for me. But it isn't demanding of my time, and it can be quite interesting, so perhaps I'll work on my profile a little, add a bit of detail and pay it marginally more attention for a while and see what happens.

Yes I have a personal Profile, yes I manage a library Page, yes I use my profile for personal rather than professional purposes, yes there is content I wouldn't want the world to see, yes I am aware of the privacy settings. Yes it feels more like a BBQ.

No I don't use my personal profile professionally, no I don't like it when other people try to make me.

CILIP Communities:
Yes I'm on there. Yes, I use it - but not as much as I should and usually only when there are hot CILIPy topics that are of particular interest to me. Yes it feels a bit like an office party. (Though not as bad as the one pictured here).

No I don't think it is used enough - but then I should use it more myself so I can't complain.

Google Plus:
Yes I'm on there, yes I'm only using it professionally at the moment (this is because I want to get used to it in a professional context first, then consider expanding to personal. I think this way round is "safer" as it doesn't matter if my mates get fed my professional content, but if I do make any mistakes I don't necessarily want my colleagues or potential future employers getting fed my "mates" content.) Yes I quite like it, yes I think there is space for it in the market.Yes it feels a bit like just before a party where you're not sure who will show up so you should probably be on your best behaviour.

No, I don't fully understand it yet (I haven't read Phil Bradley's article on it in the last issue of Update yet - but this will undoubtedly help), no I don't know whether I will abandon other networks and move to this one instead.

On to Thing 7. . .

1. From the Library of Congress Gottlieb Collection
2. My own - from a friends BBQ
3. Ricky Gervais Office. From TV Scoop
4. My own - boyfriend's boss' dog

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