Friday, August 5, 2011

Thing 5 - What? So What? Now What? #cpd23

Reflective practice then eh? This was a big part of why I set up my original blog. But, as many others have pointed out, having time to do these things is often a problem. I have been through the work-work-work way of living a couple of times (once whilst trying to charter, complete a Postgraduate Award and do a full time job all at the same time!) and it's no fun. Actually it's the opposite of fun. And its the opposite of fun for the people around you too. So I don't want to go back there (hence only being on Thing 5 when the program has now moved on to Thing 11).

Image: Library Mirror by Jspad

But I do want to make more time for reflection. It's important, it's what makes your experiences and learning have a real impact on how you do stuff. What's the point of going on all those training courses and attending all those conferences if not to learn from them and apply what you have learned in places where it can make a real difference? (Don't say it's the cake).

So what I'm taking away from Thing 5 isn't so much a reflection on the 4 Things that have gone before (because I have already reached conclusions about those and in the case of Thing 3, have decided that I need to set aside some proper time to think and act, and I don't want to do that at 5am when I'm only awake because the house is too hot and my head feels like it might melt). It is more an intention to manage my time better and try to build in opportunities for myself to think about things properly - I'm sure I'd do a better job of my job if I had those opportunities.

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