Sunday, July 17, 2011

A very late Thing 1 - blogging #cpd23

Well, I've joined CPD23. Everyone else may be on thing 5 already, but I'll see how it goes. My blog has been suffering for some time now from a lack of attention and maybe CPD23 is just the thing I need to help me get it back on track.

My blogging has never been great, and has always been sporadic, but I have mostly enjoyed it. I started my first blog to record my reflections for chartership over on the Warwick blogs platform, and I used it fairly frequently for about 2 years before moving to blogger because I didn't want my blog platform to be tied to my job (if I had left Warwick I wouldn't have been able to take the blog with me).

As it happens I am still at Warwick, I'll have been here for 5 years next month, but I am not still blogging.

I saw Emma Illingworth and Sarah Ison talk at a conference in Birmingham at the start of the year, and they inspired me to blog again, very briefly, which was great, but I am hoping that CPD23 will give me some ongoing motivation, and hopefully help me to improve my posts as well.

I also find, the more I blog, the more I read other people's blogs, the two things go together. So while I'm not blogging I'm not reading either - and I know I'm missing out!

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