Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thing 2 - explore other blogs #cpd23

So, in-keeping with my newly rediscovered enthusiasm for blogging is my newly rediscovered enthusiasm for other people's blogs. I really like the CPD23 team use of delicious for linking participants to each other, it made it easy to find people in other sectors than my own - I do tend to have a lot of dealings with other academic library types, and often feel I should know more about other areas of library land.

I had a look at about 15 blogs, and commented on several. A few blogs and posts especially caught my attention and I've noted them below. I was surprised that a lot of people have signed up, created a blog and still not posted anything. There is time yet of course, but I hope people haven't lost the enthusiasm already!
Exploring other people's blogs also introduced me to some other cool tools, like Pinterest, written about at Wrapped Up In Books.

I also discovered Flavors.Me as used by Lauren Smith (who I have only previously known as @walkyouhome on Twitter). I really like Lauren's page and had a quick look at setting up my own, but decided I really need to separate my personal and professional on line accounts much better before I do that. 

Perhaps I'll revisit this when I get to looking at my personal brand in Thing 3. It is about time I sorted it out, things (especially email and Facebook) get a bit messy between professional networking, stuff I do for CILIPWM and friends and family. And now I have google+ as well (linked to a personal/professional messy email address), so, well, yah.


Richard said...

So, where have you been, we've all been waiting for you?!! Hi Katharine, really nice to have you along on the cpd23 and thank you for posting on my blog. Hope that you get something out of cpd23, like I am so far, and good luck with your exploring of Library Land! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, thanks :D

Stackstalker said...

Thank-you, I'm glad you liked it too. It's high up on the list of the most absurd things I have ever seen...Good luck with the rest of the things, you've got off to a great start (I love your blog's title!)

Katharine said...

Hi Richard, thanks for the comment. Yes, I am something of a late starter on this one :(
Keep in touch.

Katharine said...

Hi Stackstalker, I thought the slightly-off-topic post was great. There should be more of them :)