Friday, July 22, 2011

Some practicalities of Thing 3 - #cpd23

So I've reflected on my personal brand - I know it leaves a lot to be desired - in fact I don't think it exists. I don't even have a consistent approach to what I wear to work, anything from jeans to a suit. Unfortunately such decisions in my world are mood-dependant, not event-dependant - which has led to various mistakes in several directions (though so far I have managed to curb my occasional desire to turn up to work in a ball gown or vampire fancy dress).

While some people can pull off that stand-out-quirky-look and make a good impression because they are different to everyone else in the room, I tend to just rely on luck and hope I blend in. I have learned that a suit in a room full of jeans is as bad as jeans in a room full of suits - and I've been guilty of both on many occasions.
Image by dbking under creative commons - Flickr 2006

Anyway, it's time to take some action, and there are things I can do both on line, and in the real world, relatively easily:
  • Rethink my blog title - it's followed me from chartership days and no longer seems appropriate
  • Rethink my blog layout, and update the links - there's a lot of out of date stuff that needs to go
  • Get business cards
  • Go through my wardrobe and put worky/professional clothes all together on one side, and then wear them, and only them, for worky/professional activity
  • Get a decent photo taken and put it on all my profiles
Will I actually do these things?
Well, I have a week off now with nothing planned - there's no excuse really.


Fiona said...

Hi Katharine,
I have to say...I think if you have a desire to wear a ball gown to work then go with it...or maybe I shouldn't encourage you. I often look at my 'posh' dresses and think life would be better if I was able to wear them for more than just posh occassions. I seem to have several dresses due to having been a bridesmaid more than once...perhaps we should declare a national black tie day for work!

(reposted under the correct entry - sorry!)

Katharine said...

Thanks Fiona, we did have a chat in the staff room a while ago about what would happen if we all turned up in wedding dresses one day and acted like it was completely normal. Perhaps we could organise a national dressing up day and everyone do it but with different themes :)