Friday, June 11, 2010

Update - you can now remove creators from Facebook Pages!!

Thanks to Jo Alcock I have just been alerted to the fact that you CAN now remove the original creator as an Administrator from your Facebook Page.

This change has been announced in a status update a couple of hours ago on the Facebook Pages Profile and must only have gone live in the last day or so, as when I wrote my last blog post I had checked again to see if this was possible, and it was not. In fact the Facebook FAQs  haven't even been updated yet to reflect this.

This changes my general advice on setting up a Library Facebook presence - Go with the Pages - you get better functionality and you get all the advertising options and statistical data that Groups just don't give you (unless of course they have changed in the last few days too!)

Of course you need to have Admins you can trust - as any Admins can now remove any other Admins, including the creator, and this has resulted in some unease in the Pages community. But from a company point of view, this has to be a good thing.

Thanks Jo!!!

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