Saturday, June 26, 2010

#cilipceleb ? Who would be a great celebrity advocate for CILIP and libraries?

Neil Gaiman has just been awarded the CILIP Carnegie medal for his children's book "The Graveyard Book" (which, by the way, was the first of his books I have read and I was spellbound). The award has been very high profile and has had much media coverage (well done CILIP!). Neil Gaiman even considers the award to be more important to him than the Nobel Prize for Literature! So it's only to be expected that he is in our collective-librarian-conscience at the moment. Also, considering some of the brilliant pro-library and pro-librarian comments he has been making it is hardly surprising that tweets like this one, from @damyantipatel are now appearing in our twitter feeds: 'libraries are our future' says Neil Gaiman
So, given recent discussion about the need for CILIP to raise their profile and that of libraries and librarians, might it be possible to persuade someone like Neil Gaiman to be an official voice for libraries, or a spokesperson for CILIP? I think we all spotted he had been engaging with @CILIPinfo on Twitter yesterday :-)

A quick tweet to ask for opinions late last night, and a look around at what people were saying about celebrities and libraries, led me to a few other possible candidates (some seeming more likely than others) including:
Thanks to @sphericalfruit @carolineroche @smilylibrarian @twistedwillow and @joeyanne for sharing their thoughts and giving me some of these ideas.

If anyone else has any ideas about possible celebrities who might be great library advocates please share them, and also - do speak up if you have any ideas about how they might be persuaded to get involved! Perhaps we could put some ideas forward to CILIP?

#cilipceleb ideas anyone??


Library Web said...

OK, how about the 'little furry guys' over on Readalike.

"Q: How does Readalike recommend books so effectively?

The book recommendations are random. You enjoy the books because of advanced mind control."


Carl said...

Rachel Cooke, Observer journalist, has been described as "the Joanna Lumley of libraries" but this is not a role she wants for herself! She recently spoke at the SINTO AGM on the Threat to Our Libraries; and What We Can Do to Defend Them.

Katharine said...

Thanks Carl,
Sounds interesting - was it a good speech? I don;t suppose you have it on video or have a powerpoint or anything from it?
When you say it's not a role she wants, do you mean the Joanna Lumley part or the Library part?