Friday, May 21, 2010

Impressed by CILIP Futures on Net Vibes

I have to admit that having been aware of the "big conversation" (now known as "CILIP Futures" ) for what seems like AGES now, I really should have taken more time recently to get involved. 

Until today I haven't. I have not read one forum or watched one video or tweeted one tweet. However, today I revisited the email from HQ which gave details of how the conversation was taking place. And I was pleasantly surprised to discover the NetVibes page

If. so far you have been a bit overwhelmed, or a bit lost as to how to find active conversation to get involved in, (or perhaps a bit preoccupied with the General Election, or similar trivia) this is the place to start. Pick your preferred medium and chose a topic that catches your eye and off you go. . .

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