Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stand-up Service Points

There is a discussion going on on LIS-LINK at the moment about stand-up service points for Enquiry staff. I have been quite surprised by the level of negative response to the idea generated on the list, largely based around the idea of a lack of comfort for staff. I wonder if this is because readers assume staff will be standing up in one place for long periods of time?

I don't feel it is appropriate to repost comments of others here without requesting permission (which may take a while) but the response I posted on LIS-LINK was as follows: 

"A quick note from Warwick. We are currently trialling a stand-up service point for the Enquiry Support Team, with no chairs provided. However the table we are using is adjustable height and staff do not stand for long periods of time at the service point, they use it during their "roving" shifts to give them the opportunity to bring a student to a desk / PC when required. 
Some staff prefer to stand at the service point than to rove, some prefer to rove, (all staff do engage with both options) opinion is currently divided on which approach attracts more enquiries - but, as I say, the trial is in progress and that question will hopefully be answered soon.
As for the furniture, it is currently a simple round, white table which is adjustable height and has a PC on it. We are investigating other possibilities."
What do you think about stand-up service points?
Are you already using them?
Love them or hate them?
Think they might benefit your service if introduced?

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