Sunday, April 11, 2010

Reasons to be impressed with CILIP

Over recent months I have not been able to help but notice how many changes for the better CILIP HQ have made. It seems like ages ago now that the infamous web 2.0 debate which started back in Feb 2009 kicked up all kinds of (at the time, justified) criticism and was followed later in the year by the issue of increasing membership fees which did not go down too well with all members.

So why am I now so impressed? Here are just 6 reasons. . .

  • Increased web 2 presence - not only have CILIP appeared on Twitter (I've tried to put together a list of CILIP tweeters) but they have been blogging avidly and aggregating a feed of members blogs. They have also started a list of links out to social media from branches, groups etc (make sure your links are added to the list!)
  • The new CILIP web site - it's a massive improvement, and if you are a CILIP member and haven't registered for a log in, maybe you should do so now.
  • The CILIP Manifesto - with the general election coming up CILIP have formalised their political stance and made the manifesto widely available, including alongside it practical advice to members on how they can use the manifesto to raise awareness and lobby MPs
  • Update Digital - although not all members are happy about the reduction in print copies of Update I think it is a sensible cost-cutting decision, and for those who are concerned about having to read the whole thing on-screen - never fear - there is a printer friendly version just sitting waiting for you - all you have to do is register with the web site.
  • Free careers advice - a new benefit of CILIP membership is that you can have 2 free careers advice sessions per year - given the current state of the economy this is a really useful thing for members to have access to, and support for your career doesnt stop there.
  • The Big Conversation - while it did meet some initial criticism in the blogosphere it seems that it has now been welcomed by most members (and the name has been dropped - it seems to be being marketed as Defining Our Professional Future). 
How are you feeling about CILIP at the moment? 

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by Neil said...

I agree - there are lots of reasons to be cheerful at the moment. I think, in particular, the Big Conversation (sorry I can't get the hang of the name change) is a "good thing". It shows that CILIP is prepared to listen to its members at a time of change for the profession. Good post!