Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Facebook Scaryness

I've just been checking out twitter and the blog circuit from the last week or so and found a bit of a common theme emerging with relation to Facebook: it's getting scarier.

If you haven't already seen them you might want to check out the following posts:

Librarian By Day:

Read Write Web

I have been through the advised actions and blocked what I think needs blocking, but I am very reluctant to leave Facebook altogether, despite being very much aware of the privacy issues surrounding it. 

Does any of this stuff make you want to delete your account? 
What would it take for you to leave facebook?
Did you never join up in the first place?


Anonymous said...

I followed the instructions in the How to Delete Facebook Applications link and was very shocked. I had no idea that over 60 applications were 'authorised' to access my data. I have been on facebook for over 3 years and clicked a lot of random stuff so its probably my own fault, but very glad that I've taken the time to explore the settings.

I love facebook and probably wouldn't leave until something bigger and better came along Tt is so useful to my life! However I have taken loads of time recently to clean up my account, remove lots of people and sort out my privacy settings.

Katharine said...

Thanks for your comment.

I think what stunned me most was the idea that my facebook friends could share my information without my knowledge (and probably without them even realising).

Also I was quite surprised by some of the comments on the blog posts I link to by people who had no concerns at all about their data being shared.

Am I just getting old?