Monday, January 25, 2010

Day in The Life - so what's all that about then?

The Library Day in the Life project is now into round 4!

For the uninitiated this is a popular and continually growing venture trying to capture an overview of what it is Librarians actually do all day. You can find details fo the project at:

Anyone who works in Library-land can take part, it doesnt matter what your job title is or which sector you work in. The idea is that you blog, or add to the wiki, each day for a week, and tell the world what you have been up to at work. All the posts are collated and held in a big bank of library-delights for all the world to see. great for those who are interested in the profession regardless of their angle of interest.

Previous entrants to the project include Jo Alcock in Wolverhampton, Rochelle Mazar in Toronto and Lisa Wallis in Chicago just to name a few.

So, if you are a library-blogger and you would like to take part get registered today at: and get blogging!

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