Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day in the life days 3 - 5 (Wed - Fri)

First off - as promised - here are some the pictures the Library Advisors took on Tuesday (these are to kick start entries for our photo competition and give students an idea of what we want them to do - the competition is to promote the use of electronic resources and make the point that the Library is accessible from anywhere with an internet conection)

I believe a good time was had by all :)

So, the rest of the week got a bit hectic and didn't allow much time for blogging, but here is a quick overview what I got up to:

  • Sorted out some timetabling issues, including looking at weekend cover for a few weekends coming up that will support our out-of-hours staff at key times and feed into some of our statistical investigations and inform future planning for out of hours cover.
  • Received a lovely thank-you email from the Secretary of the Mayor of Kettering relating to an enquiry we recently dealt with for the Mayor.
  • Checked details of some drop in sessions we are running next week on the OPAC as part of our Picture This campaign.
  • Did some work on staffing/hours/timetabling etc.
  • Arranged additional cover for the afternoon as a large number of Customer Support staff were on a training course.
  • Picked up enquiry emails, dealt with referals from front of house.
  • Task review meeting with one of the Library Advisors (now I am managing more people I am finding it really useful to sit down with each one once a week just for 20 mins to look at what they are working on so I can keep a track of where everyone is up to and offer support as required)
  • Meeting with the University Librarian's personal assistant as I am taking on responsibility for the Library you-say-we-say service from him and we started the hand over process.
  • Played about with pidgin - it is a chat service used by some departments for internal communications and I am considering implementing it in the Enquiry Team as a standard communication tool so that we can keep in touch from our various desks and hold conversations across the office without disrupting people who are on the phone to students etc.
  • Had final probation meeting with one of the Library Advisors.
  • Met with someone who is interested in taking on some hours with us doing front line support.
  • Met with our new(ish) HR Officer to discuss how our Facebook and Twitter accounts work and are managed and look at the potential for using them to communicate HR related information.
  • Set up a day for a couple of weeks time when I can go over all the outstanding work from my old job (pre-restructure) and hand it over to our Procurement Team. (This has to be organised around several other people who's input I will need).
  • Spent some time with our Corporate Support Manager looking at / ammending the draft web pages and voting form for Picture This (they are now live).
  • Had lunch with Jess, one of our Academic Support Officers who also does a lot of work for CILIP's Career Development Group West Midlands. It's always good to bounce ideas off her.
  • Sent out the weekly Enquiry Support Update email to front line and liasion staff (this is how I keep other teams informed of changes in services or useful information for answering user FAQs - I keep a newsfeed on our staff intranet which is updated every time we get new information, and then on a Friday I send out an email with a summary of everything that has been added to the news feed that week - its really useful because it gets information out to all staff regardless of the hours they work, and the news feed itself can be acessed at any time and is searchable, so information on it can be used in real situations when face-to-face with students on the Helpdesk for example).
So - in a very short and simplified form, that was the end half of my week. Now I'm off to read about what other librarians have been up to during day in the life!

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