Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day In The Life - day 2 (Tuesday 26th Jan)

Quick check of emails then off to an Idea Sharing session with staff from Warwick's Client Services Division and our counter-parts from Birmingham University Libraries and Bristol's UWE Library.

A really informative session followed, with focus on 3 areas:

  • Support (including enquiry support which was of particular interest to me)
  • Resources
  • Facilities/environment
Lots of idea swapping, touching on a range of issues including staff training, web 2 projects, managing library environments, collecting feedback and statistics, weeding of library collections and enquiry referrals procedures.

No time for lunch - needed to catch up with one of our student helpers as she started her shift, check email and make a couple of phone calls before grabbing a sandwich and take it with me to a training session.

I had asked our LMS superuser and the Team Leader who used to have responsibility for our short loan collection before the summer restructuring to run a session on short loan bookings and associated issues. This session was really useful and the Enquiry Team and some members of Customer Support were there making a good mix of people.

The Library Advisors went off to explore campus and get some publicity photos of students using e-resources on laptops / iphones etc outside of the usual library surroundings for our Picture This campaign (amusing photos to follow tomorrow). And I stayed in the office to catch up on the enquiry email, post some information to the internal news feed and take delivery of the new smart phone!!!!

The smart phone is here - and a brief play with it was enough to make me grin. Hopefully we will be able to get to grips with it ASAP so that we can start using it on the floors to answer enquiries.

Had a quick look at priorities for the team for the rest of the week.

Had a chat with our Corporate Support Manager about a draft design for a promotional web page relating to our up-coming photo competition.

Finalised plans for the CILIP stand at the Careers Unlimited event to be held in February and emailed the exhibition team.

It's been a busy day!
Off to the newly opened union bar for a well deserved glass of wine and to swap stories of the days events with my boyfriend :-)
Fancy A Drink?

(That's not him, by the way!)

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