Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day in the life - day 1 (Monday 25th Jan)

Today has started early - arriving at 8am to set up for a group of high school students due at 8.30am for an induction. However, their arrival was delayed and resulted in us having to move rooms to accomodate them. never mind - I hear the session went very well (I wasn't delivering it myself).

Quick chat with my manager about some changes required to a draft report I sent her on Friday on the possibilities of implementing enquiry services via SMS.

Wrote quick blog post on Library Day In The Life Project.

Picked up the weekend's worth of email, mostly things to be forwarded on to other teams. One enquiry from a student in Bristol who really needed to talk to Bristol - advice given accordingly.

Weekly check up on Warwick Library Twitter and Facebook accounts, they are generally looked after by Library Advisors, but I keep an eye out every so often for anything interesting happening. We have passed the 1500 fan mark on Facebook!

Checked up on status of Smart Phone order request - sounds promising :-)

Put in a request to attend a handover meeting on Wednesday as I am taking over from David Viner as the editor of Open Access for this year.

Re-writing the staff timetable as one of our student workers can't do her shift this week. Things are going to be interesting this week as it is Warwick's One World Week and students are involved in all kinds of related events.

Coffee break, including discussion of handing over the remaining reading list work from my previous post to the new Procurement Team and discussion of draft report on SMS enquiry services with the project manager for the remote enquiry project.

More shift changing - re-writing the staff timetable again. . .

Asked one of the Library Advisors to set up a way of recording the User Education sessions we deliver in order to have the info to hand when we get the SCONUL requests through later in the year.

Approved timesheets for temp staff.

Confirmed details of Short Loan bookings training due to happen tomorrow.

Answered question about photocopying onto acetate sheets.

Wrote and sent in recommendation for purchase of a banner to advertise the Information Point where the Library Advisors can meet students and deal with enquiries.

Lunch :-)

Set up weekly task meetings and monthly 1-2-1 meetings with Library Advisors.

Discussion about timetabling

Sent draft of new contact details web page and enquiry web form to Corporate Support for approval.

Made a few quick alterations to SMS report (mostly typos) and sent new version to relevant people.

Permission obtained to go live with new contact page - draft page moved and links to old pages altered - new page live!

First weekly task meeting with one of the Library Advisors.

Checked draft timetable for the snap-shot week we are planning for start of February (we want to record additional details regarding face-to-face enquiries and referals for a full week in order to inform staff timetabling and gather additional data).

Made arrangements for Library Advisors to go to to the Union & Learning Grid tomorrow to take some publicity photos for our Picture This marketing campaign.

Cant believe the day went so fast - and that I have done so many individual tasks - slightly bitty!

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