Sunday, November 8, 2009

Its been a while. . .

It seems ages since I blogged, and so much has happened since then (I've been extremely busy with my new job and personal stuff so things on the blogging/tweeting/gernally CILIPy side have had to give way for a while).

I suppose I can't really write anything at this point without mentioning the CILIP AGM. I was pleased to read that at the AGM this year there were more proxy votes submitted than in any other year. That's great, we need more member engagement.

As I'm sure everybody knows by now, voters overall were in favour of the rise in membership fees, and while I know this will make some members very unhappy, I do hope the £7 increase won't put anyone off renewing for next year. The decison, after all, was made by voting members.

CILIP made some effort this year to get the content of the AGM out to members on the web. I have to admit I have been impressed with CILIPs general, and Web 2.0 engagement with members since the big debates earlier in the year. The AGM was blogged and you can, of course, see a basic summary along with the official documentation on the CILIP web site.

And general CILIP Web 2.0 presence has been great,with increased blogging from a range of CILIP staff and services (many of the blog posts being included in the news feed on the CILIP web site), and  CILIP Training, CILIP Quals, CILIP Info and several individual members of CILIP staff getting stuck in to tweeting. I've created a list of all the CILIP tweeters I've found so far and if anyone knows of any more I'd be grateful if you let me know.

Anyway, thats all about I have time for right now, but I'll be trying to blog more frequently now that term 1 is over half way through and work, hopefully will be a bit less hectic for a while.


Richard Hawkins said...


i've got a Tweepml CILIP People twitter list here:

Katharine said...

Thanks Richard, sorry it's taken me a while to reply, but I have looked at this and it's really useful.