Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tweet Week

This week (not including Monday - which was a bank holiday) I have decided to try to use Twitter as much as some of my colleagues do. These colleagues shall remain unnamed just in case their employers are reading. . .

There must be gains to be had from being so involved in the twittersphere, otherwise people, presumably, wouldn't do it so much. But I am a touch skeptical, and I wonder if so much tweeting on the job must reduce workplace productivity, especially for those who engage in a lot of non-work conversation (what I had for lunch, what movie I am going to see tonight, how cute my cat is, etc.). But is the loss in immediate productivity made up for by the networking aspect? Do our fellow twitterers give us additional information and insight that we would otherwise miss, and so help us to be more effective, better informed and well rounded professionals?

Well, I'm going to give it a shot - today I have (so far) tweeted 22 times - by far the most I have tweeted in one day up until now.

If you'd like to follow me I am kwiddows on Twitter.

If you have any comments about how you use Twitter, the value of it for professional networking, and how you think it affects your work flow, please do let me know - I'd be interested in your comments.


Anonymous said...

Get on with your work :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. I use Twitter a lot, I find it really useful for finding links to relevant news and information; and also for recording and communicating about what I'm doing!

But most of all, weirdly, I find it helps my productivity to work in intense bursts, stop for 5 mins and check Twitter, and then work intensely again. I definitely believe that varying your concentration levels and focus actually really helps you to produce good work, so even 5 mins every now and then reading about someone's lunch or cat can oddly help your brain pause, recharge and power up!