Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tweet Week day 2 - anyone else want to join in?

So day 1 of my week of twittering went quite well I think.

DAY 1 STATS (not earth shattering):

No. of tweets: 26
No. of replies: 8
No. of retweets: 1
No. new (genuine) followers: 6
No. new spammers (now blocked): 2

I think it was a useful day in many ways - and twitter did not eat into my time as much as I expected. What I think worked well about it was that because I had decided to tell people what I was working on all day there was a kind of perception in my mind that people would be aware of what I was doing and so I needed to show I was doing things. (I hope that makes sense). This stopped me from too much talk about what I was having for lunch (which did, by the way, involve some very good German Apple cake from the Arts Centre cafe) and focused me more on what I was actually working on.

In terms of engagement with other tweeting librarians it wasn't too successful - I suspect that the item number I have got to on a reading list holds little useful information for others. But I did have a good reply from Brunella and a couple of interesting comments from Jaffne.

Let's see how today goes.

Anyone else interested in trying a Tweet Week?

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