Friday, September 4, 2009

Today is the final day of Tweet Week

So yesterday was day 3 and I learned things, useful things :)

No. of tweets: 6 - only 6!!
No. of replies: 9!! - more than I sent
No. of retweets: 0
No. new (genuine) followers: 0
No. new spammers (now blocked): 0
No. new followers who are probably spammers but not offensive so I haven't blocked them (yet):6
No. of complaints: 0
No. useful and productive conversations: 1 (had with multiple tweeters)

So yesterday was much more useful for me. I am currently involved in investigating various online instant messenger options that might be useful for Warwick to employ for our enquiry services, and Twitter was of great help yesterday. it resulted not only in relevant tweets, but also in an actual meebo conversation with a fellow tweeter, a fellow tweeter sending me (via email) a related report to read, an offer of a demonstration of the People's Network system, and 2 recommendations for other tweeters for me to contact for related discussion. Pretty cool huh?!

So many thanks go to @davidviner @helenalex @ekcragg @jessduffield @serenalaburnum

It also prompted additional comments on my blog from Jennie and Katie (I think Audrey might be a spammer) about twitter and tweeting which was good.

So based on yesterdays experiences I could be converted - but I'm still not convinced that telling people what I ate for breakfast or how many sugars I have in my tea is the right approach for me.

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