Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to cast your proxy vote if you don't know anyone at the AGM

Following my last blog post, and the email I sent to LIS-LINK, regarding the option to vote by proxy at the CILIP AGM I received several queries from members who had requested the voting form from CILIP and then discovered that they needed to name a proxy in order to complete the form. I have now been asked several times about how people can vote if they don't know anyone who is attending the meeting.

I have been in touch with the VERY helpful Daniel Sable at CILIP HQ who has checked the details and has confirmed that if you do not know a named contact at the AGM on October 15th you can send your proxy voting form to Ridgmount Street naming the "Chair of the meeting" as your proxy, and stating the address of your proxy as 7 Ridgmount Street, (the full address is CILIP, 7 Ridgmount Street, London WC1E 7AE - and this is also where you need to post your form to.)

The text of Daniel's email is quoted below for clarity:
As you know, the Regulations prescribe every individual member who is entitled to be present and to vote at the AGM has a right to have any votes tendered accepted at the meeting. In this regard, members casting their votes who do not know a named person in attendance at the AGM should appoint ‘the Chair of the meeting’ c/o 7 Ridgmount St as their default proxy. By doing so they ensure their nominated proxy is present the meeting.
The full subscriptions proposal is available for all to consider in advance of casting their vote, and there has been lively online debate over the issue which is well worth a read, (Twitter is currently full of examples, or go to the entry on Gaz Johnson's blog for a good variety of suggestions and arguements in various directions, and see Tom Roper's blog for interesting points as well).

It is well worth getting involved and having your say - and seeing what others think - member engagement and debate is really important and the period leading up to an AGM is a great time to get involved with it.


thatblackbook said...

Thanks a lot Katherine, that was really helpful. My proxy vote form is in the post now!

Anonymous said...

This is really great work on your part Katherine - democracy in action!

Well done!

Katharine said...

Thanks very much both of you. Although I don't think I've really done anything other than make people aware of their right to vote, the voting and the action are down to the members themselves.

Lets see what happens on October 15th!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the information you've provided. I've sent it to the SLN list (for School Librarians) and have linked them ot your blog. We all really appreciate you passing it on.

Katharine said...

Thank you for passing the information on. And thank you for the link to my blog!

I do think its important that votes are cast as a considered opinion, and I hope that anyone voting has read up on the debate and checked out the full details of the proposal first.

If you subscribe to LIS-LINK there have also been relevant and well-argued emails there over the last day or so.

Member engagement is great - well considered member engagement is even better.