Sunday, September 20, 2009

CILIP Membership fee Increase - if you have a vote - use it!

There have been recent conversations on blogs and Twitter about the proposed CILIP membership fee increase for next year. As you would expect any increase in membership fee to do, it has met with a fair amount of negative reaction. See Gaz Johnson's blog for an example.

CILIP AGM this year will be in London on Thursday October 15th, and while, yes this does prevent most academic librarians, and those of us who live outside of the capital city, from attending, if you fall into one of the following membership categories you have a proxy vote:
  • Affilliate members
  • Certificated Affiliates
  • Associate members
  • Chartered members
  • Chartered fellows
  • Honorary fellows
In order to obtain a form on which to register your proxy vote you need to request one by emailing as soon as possible.

CILIP must receive your vote, on the official form, BEFORE 3.30pm on October 13th for it to be counted. (But I'd suggest you get it in by the 12th at the latest to be sure, as CILIP admin processes are not well known for their super-efficiency.)

Please don't ONLY request your own proxy vote - please also spread the message to colleagues who are members and persuade them to do the same.

And remember, this is not the only issue being voted on - see for details.


Katie said...

Thanks for this Katharine, hadn't grasped that it was an option. Have sent my email in for the proxy vote form.

markcwilliamson said...
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Katharine said...

Thanks Katie, please also mention it to colleagues and make them aware they have the option too.
K :)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for drawing this to my attention via the LIS-LINK list. I've requested my form, and had a copy emailed to me by CILIP. But now I'm stumped. It asks for a nominated representative to be my proxy. I don't know anyone who's going to the AGM, so is there a particular CILIP person I should name as my 'representative'? Sorry if there's a really obvious answer to this - I've never really bothered with AGM votes before.

Thanks in advance if you can answer my query!

Katie B

Katharine said...

Thanks Katie B.

There is not a perfectly obvious answer to this question, and you are not the first person who asked me that today!

I am in touch with CILIP on the matter and am assured that I will have a definite answer mid week this week - when I get that answer I will email it to the list.

@Sintocarl said...

Please everyone - try not to act like victims! Katherine has pointed out what we need to do to cast a proxy vote. There is a problem with finding a proxy. I've enquired if the CILIP President-elect could act as a universal proxy for members. Do your branches or groups have someone going to the AGM? (If not, why not). In the long term we need postal or on-line voting for the AGM. Probably needs a change to the constitution so how about a motion to the next AGM (too late for this one). CILIP is not impervious to change but we do need to do something - not just Twitter.

Katharine said...

Thanks Carl,

Yep, we have identified the proxy voting issue - I will add a blog post and email Lis-Link when I have an answer from CILIP on how this will work - I am expecting a response tomorrow - it does sound like the CILIP President, as the AGM Chair may be the person to name as your proxy, but please DO NOT assume this to be the case until CILIP confirm it.