Sunday, August 16, 2009

Anyone using Kosmix deep web search engine?

I just found Kosmix via a tweet from Aarontay.

The article Aarontay pointed to seems to suggest that Kosmix searches deep web content. But when I tried the suggested search for ravioli the top hit in the results is from wikipedia (although fatsecret content, as discussed in the article, does appear lower down - assuming this is "deep web" content). It does sound very much like Kosmix is still in development - so perhaps wikipedia will fall down the list later on?

What I liked about Kosmix is that is shows up Facebook and Twitter content on the right hand side and my search for library showed up tweets posted less than a minute ago. I liked that very much.

Anyone using Kosmix?
Anyone using any other search engines that might not be well known?
Getting any interesting results?


Aarontay said...

I've heard of Kosmix before I read this article, but I was surprised that they claimed to do Deep web searching. The article does seem to be misleading in that it makes it seems Kosmix is mainly a deep web engine, but I think this is a relatively new development for them. As you observed, most results are not from the deep web. I mainly shared this because they gave a fairly clear explanation about deep web searching.

You ask if there are any interesting engines, there are dozens, from semantic engines to real time engines to metasearch/federated search engines , to interesting engines that do visualization....

Aarontay said...

Besides the alternative search engines blog (where the article was found), see also