Friday, July 10, 2009

Have you installed a fanbox?

Over the last few weeks a few new options have appeared on Facebook Public Profiles, new ways to get fans to join. Here is one example, I'll post about more later.

The Fan Box is a widget you can embed into your own web site which allows people to join up as fans from your own web page. You can have a basic box like this:

You can add the stream from your wall, like this:

Or you can include an overview of your existing fans, like this:

I am considering options of where we could add this to our web site and blogs, and will be flagging this up with appropriate people once I have some ideas. But I am a bit concerned about things getting too aggressive with Facebook marketing - is this all starting to sound a little bit like those early concerns about libraries being on Facebook encroaching on student space?

Has anyone already installed a fan box on their web site?
What do you make of it all?
Is Facebook marketing starting to get too aggressive?

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