Thursday, July 9, 2009

E-learning - PGA submitted!

Yesterday I submitted my e-portfolio for a postgraduate award in E-Learning for Academic and Professional Practice.

It was a 1 year course, at masters level, equivalent to a third of a masters course credits.

For my practical project I submitted 3 learning objects which form part of a larger online information skills tutorial which I hope to complete and launch for October this year. In total there will be 8 learning objects to form the final tutorial, and in addition there are supporting pages, such as a Technical Support section and an overview of additional Library services. The whole tutorial has been designed to allow easy editing so that each section can be altered to suit a range of academic subjects and levels of study, but the template being created now is aimed at first year undergraduate chemistry students.

Different learning objects have been created using different tools, to give a range of approaches that suit a range of student learning style preferences. They include, screenflow video tutorials, interactive PowerPoint presentations converted to flash with Ispring, Informs interactive tutorials and written web pages. Hopefully, once completed the tutorial can be rolled out to support information skills teaching in a range of other departments at the uni.

In addition to the technical skills I built on to complete the practical project the course required aspects of learning theories, learning styles, project management, documentation, evaluation and dissemination of findings. All of this of course had to be written up in professional style.

As well as the obvious education and experiential benefits of completing such a course it also lead to great liaison opportunities. I am still working with academics in the Chemistry department to complete the remaining elements, and the tutorial itself has had great input from students as well, in terms of initial surveys regarding their preferred tutorial styles, and direct input from 2 students who have created the voice over audio files which I will soon be building into an interactive map as part of the tutorial.

The whole thing has been a great experience, and I look forward to completing the product I started and launching it for next academic year.

Once completed and launched I will post a link to it on the blog (assuming it is made publicly accessible - which is what I am currently hoping for).

Is anyone working on e-tutorials?
Is anyone working on qualifications relevant to libraries but not actual library qualifications?

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