Friday, July 24, 2009

A Day In The Life - share your library experiences next week

I have just seen a post over at Digitialist about the Library Day In The Life Project.
It sounds interesting, the idea is that a load of librarian bloggers post daily on what they are doing for a week. That week starts on July 27th (this coming Monday).

To take part go to the Day In The Life wiki - (you will need a PB Wiki account - but that's easy to get), add your name and blog link to the list (or start a new wiki page if you don't have a blog), and add a relevant post to your blog each day next week, using the tag librarydayinthelife.

I've just signed up - anyone else doing it?


MeaCulpa said...

Would love to join in, but the site is blocked by our firewall! :-(

Katharine said...

Sorry to hear that Mea - no chance you could do it from home?

MeaCulpa said...

Hi Katherine

Yep, I've done that tonight. Couldn't do it at home yesterday for various reasons.

Just having a whinge about our ridiculous web filter!