Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 5 in the life of. . .

Today I am writing as I go, rather than summarising at the end of the day - because I have to sort out my PC and reinstall lots of software, so I am going to be stopping and starting a lot. Apologies in advance if this turns into the longest and dullest blog post ever!

Computer Problems

My PC has been running very slow for a while now, so this morning I took the brave step of asking our Systems team to work their magic. This is brave for 2 reasons:

1. I hassle the Systems Team a lot, there is always some question I have for them and while they are always welcoming and happy to help, I do feel a bit guilty about it (especially as they have only recently wiped my whole PC and reinstalled the whole thing due to the same problem).

2. They have only recently wiped my whole PC and reinstalled the whole thing due to the same problem, and this required much faffing about reinstalling lots of downloaded software (stuff like Ispring to create e-learning objects and to mess about with images). I suspect that the amount of extra software I download and play with is the reason my PC keeps running so slowly, but they also found this morning a problem with my profile, which has now been fixed, and my logging in time has been reduced from about 10 minutes (!!) to about 2.5. So I'm quite happy :-)

So my machine has been sorted, my profile has been sorted and the downloading and installing has begun.

Medline and EndNote

I have just had a phone enquiry from someone running a systematic review and starting with Medline as their first database. I actually find Medline indexing and functionality very interesting (is that sad?) so I quite like these kinds of calls, even though they do end up quite long and involved. This person is also having EndNote problems, but this time with exporting from Medline - I'm no EndNote expert, but I'm hoping my suggestion will prove useful. We'll see.

Information Sharing - Web Tools

Also this morning I have been to speak to Donna, our Research and Innovation Officer, to let her know about the web tools I found out about at the ALISS conference on Wednesday, she thinks that could well prove useful.

Lunch - to be eaten at my desk while I continue with downloading and installing.
I also discovered during lunch that I have lost access to the team shared inboxes in Outlook - need to sort that out!

Leaving Card

Not being here for half the week has meant I have missed a lot of things! I just discovered that today is Fiaza's last day, she has been sharing our office for the last 6 months doing project work and I knew her contract was finishing soon, but I didn't realise it was THAT soon! I also missed the card people signed and the giving of the card, which was on Tuesday when the rest of her team were in. Right - time to sort out a card!

Library Facebook and Twitter Accounts

Check for spam, potential enquiries etc. Also had a look at installing Tweetdeck as a possible option to manage potential enquiries etc from Twitter but can't get it to work on work PC. Oh well.
Checked personal twitter. Yesterday Paula Keogh from CILIP WM committee announced she was going to have to step down due to time pressures :-( had email about this from David Viner - added note to CILIP WM Blog.

Blog Links

I promised to send some links to my blog a couple of people who asked me questions at the ALISS conference - will do this now.

Engineering Reading List

The School of Engineering reading list has just been returned to us. The administrators in Engineering are fantastic and they collate all the data for us from the academics and send us back one complete list for the whole department. Spent some time looking at it, consulted my manager and we figured out how many copies at what price we can purchase before we have to start evaluating individual item prices etc. Have emailed the Subject Assistants to ask if anyone has time to process it at the moment - will try to get it sorted ASAP.

Enquiry Emails

I now have access back to the enquiry inboxes and have just checked them and responded to a the queries - including one about accessing a journal we don't have, one about links to databases. We also seemed to also have several spam emails trying to sell us high quality watches.


Just been asked something about Bing Image search by a colleague and spent a few minutes trying it out - to be honest I hadnt even looked at the image search before I decided I didn't like Bing. The image search does require you to click on an individual image to see the web page/source details - which is annoying.

Home time!
It hasnt been a typical day because everything has been interupted by PC issues in one way or another and I don't feel like I've achieved an awful lot. But it is Friday, and I'm off home.

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