Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 4 in the life of. . .

I was back in the office today for the first time this week, so on my arrival I have a pile of email to get through, some orders to check and a few notes to read about various jobs in progress.

Later on Jo Alcock from Wolverhampton came over to Warwick to meet with me and talk about various projects and then meet with our Education Librarian to discuss Education collections etc. It was really nice to see her, we used to work together at Wolverhampton's Harrison Learning Centre before I came to Warwick and it's always nice to catch up with colleagues and hear about what's happening at places where I used to spend a lot of time.

We had a look at the Teaching Grid, Research Exchange and Learning Grid and used the time to exchange ideas about a range of library things. Then we met with the Education Librarian, Chris Bradford (who was also my Chartership mentor) and Adrienne (currently a Warwick Digitisation Assistant, but soon to take up a graduate traineeship in Oxford).

Then Jo went to look at all things educationy with Chris and I went back to the office.

I sorted out my notes from yesterdays marketing conference and added a few new contacts to Twitter. I had some emails from academics about reading list changes and digitisation of materials for reading list support, which I responded to. I also started looking up some of the recommended services from the conference, including Yahoo Site Explorer, which I think will prove very useful for looking at how our academic departments link to library pages and whether the links they are building are in appropriate places. It could also be a very useful tool for monitoring use of digitised resources, particularly our institutional repository, and I will pass on details of it to our Repository Manager tomorrow.

I also had a look at Feedburner. I'm not sure how useful it will be, to be completely honest I'm not entirely sure what it can do (many thanks to James for advice over Twitter, which did help clear things up a bit). But I have managed to convert the RSS from this blog into a feedburner feed so I will be able to play with the data tomorrow (hopefully) and assess it's usefulness. I'm interested in this because I want to try to promote the blog the Science team maintain to get science info to academics and so far we haven't done a lot with it, but I think there is certainly room to promote it if we can persuade departments to feed it to departmental web pages in appropriate places (such as next to reading list details, or with online course handbooks).

I also had an email from EndNote in response to an enquiry I sent them last week. Unfortunately it turns out that the problem is something that needs to be fixed by our local administrator, who is currently on holiday. Fortunately it's not an urgent problem.

I also spent a chunk of the afternoon considering the implications of the restructuring we are currently engaged in. I have to decide by tomorrow which jobs I am going to apply for so I re-read some HR emails and filled in the form. Reading restructuring documents and looking at job descriptions, going to HR meetings etc. is proving very time consuming, but is obviously a necessary investment of effort.

Final day-in-the-life tomorrow. . .

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