Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 2 in the life of . . .

Well, day 2 has not been much more exciting than day 1. I have been at home sick again. I am feeling better than yesterday, but the shoulders are achy and I am still incredibly tired.

However, I have managed some library/librarian-related things, so can post a bit here. . . .

I am going to (energy levels allowing) the ALISS Marketing Conference at Coventry Uni Library tomorrow and this morning received an email asking all delegates to take some examples of marketing materials etc. with them for group discussion. So I have been in touch with a colleague who is also attending and we have decided what we are taking. Of course, not being in the office does limit me somewhat as to what I can contribute, but I have pulled off some Warwick Facebook and Twitter stats and some from the Science Information News Blog. I'm afraid Sharon will have to provide the interesting stuff.

I also filled in the form to claim the tax back on my CILIP membership - not the most exciting thing possible, but certainly useful.

Unfortunately that's about it for today. Let's hope tomorrow is more interesting!

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