Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 1 in the life of. . .

Well, my day-in-the-life week is not off to a great start. After having a headache at the end of Friday I slowly felt more and more ill over the weekend and came in this morning, only to feel worse, so I am heading home shortly to get some sleep and check up on the chicken-soup provision in my kitchen.

The only library related activity I have managed to attend to this morning was going to the full-staff meeting (regarding our current restructuring) and answering, or should I say, trying to answer, an EndNote Web enquiry - it seems that EndNote has decided that this particular student is not going to be able to use the Vancouver style, at least not with the references in the correct numerical order - which pretty much means, no, they can't use the Vancouver style!
Very frustrating for me, but I should hazard a guess as to it being much more frustrating for the student!

Anyway, I hope to make it back in tomorrow, or at least by Wednesday, as I am supposed to be attending the ALISS Marketing conference at Coventry Uni, which looks really good, especially as the program includes input from undergraduate students on how they think the library should be promoted.


Jo Alcock said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, hope a bit of R&R tonight will help.

I hope you get to the ALISS event on Wed, it looks really interesting.

Katharine said...

Thanks Jo,
I am feeling better today, and I think the conference tomorrow will be ok - fortunatly it is only in Coventry, I think if there was any real travelling involved I might have had to give it a miss.

Will catch up on how your week is going soon - I believe you are also day-in-the-life-ing - but I haven't done much at all in the way of reading the last few days.

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday - I expect I will be more lively by then.