Saturday, June 27, 2009

Looking at Twitter stuff - anyone tried Tweetboard Alpha?

It sounds like Tweetboard is a way to add a forum to your web site which is made up of Twitter posts. It sounds interesting and I wonder if it might be something Libraries could use for enquiry services?

There is a blog post over at Mashable but I am waiting for Phil Bradley to give his verdict!

Has anyone tried it?
Seen it live on any web sites yet?


John Waller said...

Hmmm. Nice idea if you haven't already got a forum and I think you're right - it might be well suited to library enquiries etc. My worry would be that a lot of our students are still not particularly confident with Twitter, they sign up to follow a few key twitter accounts, but many seem unwilling to use it themselves.

Phil said...

It looks very interesting, but I'm not impressed with their approach. Basically you have to tweet your interest, which is essentially the same as advertising it to all of your followers. Maybe I'm just on a bit of a high horse here, but I just think it's a cheap and unethical way to promote a service.