Tuesday, May 5, 2009

West Mids Branch Committee

Shortly before submission of my Chartership Portfolio I was accepted as a member of the West Mids Branch Committee. This Thursday will be the 3rd committee meeting I have attended.

I originally joined as the Web Master, but it soon became apparent that we had need for a Marketing Officer and so I took that role on and the Web Master responsibilities passed to Roger Fairman. 

The WM Committee are a fantastic group of people. And they get things done. And that is the best thing about being part of it. If you have a look at my earlier post inviting people to join us you will see a quick list of some of the things that have already been achieved this year by CILIP WM. It's quite impressive considering we only meet once every 3 months, we have a limited budget, and we are all volunteers who are also holding down "proper" jobs. 

When I think about what CILIP membership means to me I now also think about what it means to be an active member of my branch. The opportunities for development are many and varied and meeting the other members of the committee has meant that I have connections now with a range of people outside of my immediate circle who are dedicated to their profession, and are proactive in working to support it. I feel quite privileged to be part of it. 

When people question what they get for their money when they pay their CILIP subscriptions, perhaps they should also be considering what they are willing to put in to CILIP as well as their cash. 

HQ may not always get it right - but at least if you are on the inside you have a louder voice and you can work to change things you don't agree with. The recent CILIP2 open session being a perfect example of what can happen when CILIP Membership make themselves heard. 

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