Monday, May 18, 2009

The New Issue of Open Access Is Out

The latest issue of Open Access, the newsletter of CILIP West Midlands, is now out, and you can now view it online at: 

It is hosted on Issuu, a web site which allows you to create online newsletters etc. for free. Its well worth checking out if you are wanting to create online versions of paper publications.

Its a nice format because it allows you to virtually flip through the pages and you can resize sections etc. if you want larger text. 

It is a bit strange to start with because it doesnt work quite like a PDF and so it may not be immediatly intuitive - but take a minute or so to play with it and it soon makes sense!

Could be a really useful tool for other publications. 

We got the idea from Sharon Tuersley at Warwick University, who used it to produce the Warwick University Library Newsletter, which can also be seen at:

Anyone using it already or using similar services that have been useful? 

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