Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Information R/evolution

I've just been sent this by a colleague it is about 5 mins long, but it well worth the time - its extremely well put together.

I've been wondering what, if anything, the maker concludes about the need for Librarians . . . .

Any comments?


Pete said...

That was rather good smiler. I liked the manipulation of the text... oh and some of the music.
It is kind of scary the amount of responsibility that people can place upon themselves when they start contributing to information.

Emma said...

I think the main challenge that emerges is the way in which to support users to find and produce information in a meaningful way – if ‘everyone’ is now responsible for writing and orgnaising information how do we help them to develop skills to do this more efficiently/productively?
It’s likely that we won’t be able to encourage/support everyone to develop these skills so we also need to think about the implications for evaluating the information that we find. How can users know what information is accurate and evidence they find is robust?