Saturday, May 23, 2009

Changes to CILIP Mentoring Agreement Regulations

The following email has been sent out on LIS-CILIP-REG - just in case you missed it, please see below regarding changes in the regulations around Mentoring Agreements for candidates.

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Dear Colleagues


As part of our ongoing streamlining of processes, the following changes to practice are being introduced with immediate effect:


Mentoring Agreement

Mentees no longer need to send a copy of the Mentoring Agreement to the Department of Qualifications & Professional Development (QPD)

The agreement remains an essential document as it confirms and formalises the relationship between mentor and mentee and acts as the basis of that relationship.  There may be times in the mentoring relationship when the agreement needs to be revisited and revised.  The detail of the agreement  is a matter for mentor and mentee

… however …

as soon as you enter into a mentoring relationship, mentors should e-mail giving the name (and membership number where possible) of the mentee and the qualification for which s/he is being mentored.


Initial PPDP

Once the initial PPDP has been agreed between mentee and mentor, mentees are asked to e-mail it  It is not necessary to send a signed hard copy.


Kind regards



Lisa Goldsmith 
Administrative Officer 
Qualifications & Professional Development 
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