Thursday, April 23, 2009

London Book Fair Great! But where were CILIP?

On Tuesday I went down to Earls Court to immerse myself in all things book related. It was a great exhibition with publishers and suppliers from all over the world represented. There were also related stands such as the CLA, Sony Reader and Guinness World Records.

We had great fun playing a giant game of Operation at one children’s health publisher stand and admiring the full size London bus on the GMC Distribution stand.

It was a great place to spend a few hours, and generally the staff on the stands were friendly and informative. The CLA were very helpful and when I admitted I really should know more about what they do they happily chatted to me and gave me a load of reading material which I will sit down with this weekend (who says Librarians don’t know how to have fun!?!)

The only real disappointment was that CILIP were not there. Facet were, but not CILIP proper.

Don’t believe me? Check the Exhibitor List.

The American Library Association made it (as well as their publishing arm). Why didn’t CILIP?

Last year the London Book Festival attracted (amongst many many others):

  • 644 Librarians
  • 1460 editors
  • 1105 publishers
  • 589 students
  • 1163 people who expressed an interest in Library and Information Solutions

The stats for this year have not yet been released, but I wonder, how big was the trick that CILIP missed by non-attendance?


MlleLibrarian said...

Hooray for the CLA! Did you get some juicy copyright stuff? CILIP should have been there. So much for the campaign for greater visibility and awareness! LIS professionals still deal with books, right...?

Katharine said...

The CLA were, indeed, awesome! I have a load of copyright related reading material now and will definately sit down and go through it over the weekend. Let me know if you want to see any of it: I assume I can show you without breaching copyright ;)

I have just emailed CILIP marketing to find out whats going on and I have suggested they get themselves a stand for the Library Show at the NEC in June - for which the Society of Archivists are exhibiting, but CILIP, so far are not listed.

Its embarrassing.