Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I've just caught the tail end of the CILIP Web 2.0 Council Open Session.

For the (now pretty famous) blog posts that started this whole thing off, please see Bob McKee's and Phil Bradley's blogs.

The reason I was late to catch the session was, ironically, due to my attendance at a Communications work shop! Never mind.

Anyway - for those who weren't involved there was a live session at CILIP HQ which included presentations by Brian Kelly and Phil Bradley and this was also being blogged as it happened by people who were present. There was also a huge presence of Librarians and others on Twitter, many using Twitterfall to view the posts, and using the tag "#CILIP2" to identify related posts.

The stats for twitter use during the session so far have been announced as: 150 tweeters, 1179 tweets using the #CILIP2 tag.

This is in addition to the people watching the conversation and not tweeting, the people following the blog and the people live in the room at Ridgmount Street. Thats quite an impressive number of people getting involved in the conversation. (And not all of them were CILIP members).

I have to say I was very skeptical to start with - and I am still a bit surprised that this whole thing was sparked because CILIP didnt seem to know what to do with web 2. I really did wonder what the point of it all was - why bother having a big conversation about something we already do just to point CILIP - who should be leading the way - in the right direction?

I will be very interested to see what will actually come out of the discussions. I think some kind of formal report will be produced. But much more interesting than what CILIP may or not decide with web 2 technology as a result of all this was the level of member engagement it generated.

I believe there has been discussion of holding a series of meetings on different topics with a Twitter presence to broaden the audience and contributions- what a fantastic idea! I really hope this happens.

The event has clearly generated a great deal of interest in CILIP and in how members can interact with HQ when they are far far away from London.

I hope more comes out of this than I had intially expected. And I hope what comes out of it is much more than just CILIP deciding what kind of Web 2 presence they want - I hope it sparks all kinds of debates and open conversations including non-members about where CILIP can go and how they can better interact with professionals.

I hope CILIP will surprise me and prove my initial feelings about this to be very very wrong.


Bruce Royan said...

Thanks for this. Yes, when we as Trustees decided to set this up, we were specifically hoping to explore how Web 2.0 might help us better engage with the CILIP membership and the wider informatioin community. And as individuals our knowledge of web 2.0 was uneven, to say the least. But if the message of Web 2.0 is "just do it!" then this event has proved its point. It may well be that virtual meetings of this kind prove to be a great way to engage with the community on all kinds of topics in future...

Katharine said...

Thanks for this Bruce - its great to see that you are reading member blogs and I appreciate the honesty of your comment.

I think CILIP does do some fantastic work, but I do get frustrated sometimes when people who work in Libraries full time are looking for leadership but seem to be giving guidance.

Having said that, I am also very impressed that in this case CILIP have taken this guidance on board and are working to meet member demands so quickly.

There does seem to be a lot of improvement in communication between members and HQ over the last year or so. And this can only be a good thing.

I want CILIP to be a success, and I think that online events, like the "twitterthon" could be a great way of attracting new members, as well as re-engaging existing ones and winning back old ones.

More of the same would be very welcome!